de la Rue Neuve


Stop wasting your time in repetitive tasks, forget to do what is nevertheless identical, do not addict yourself to the routine, stay informed of your environment without needing to be curious, keep control of your communications, assure your security while forgetting to distrust, listen at last to your discs without arranging them, save the heating when you leave or open the window, hear the doorbell even in the middle of a concert of Led'zep and hear the telephone-ring while passing the vacuum cleaner, take the garbage out on the good day, do not bother any more to water the lawn or to feed the fishes, go to sleep in music, awaken easily and without shaking your children, do not open your door anymore to inopportunes , have a nap without being disturbed by the telephone, let your wife reply when her mother calls, do not turn on the lights anymore, do not forget anymore to turn them off, do not confine anymore the cat or the dog to have your security system on, do not eat anymore beans and compotes for three days because the freezer remained opened, forget about telemarketers, travel to the end of the world without losing the contact, turn off the TV without awaking, do not forget anymore to close the garage, don't be a telephone operator for your kids, do not wait anymore for hot water to take your shower, do not forget your alarm-clock, return from vacation in a warm house, do not water the lawn when it will rain the next day, don't ever be ridiculous any more calling your cat to bed every night, forget about your nephews' e-mails for their bithdays, don't let the wind blow fallen leaves in the garage, don't go out to the mailbox for nothing ...




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